PyWaw #107

Poniedziałek, 27.11.2023 18:30

Alex Pitis

Distributed build at scale

Dropbox, like any other large company, has a lot of code to build, test and release as part of its ongoing business. In this presentation, you will learn about Bazel - an open-source general-purpose build system that underpins the majority of building & testing infrastructure Dropbox uses on its day-to-day operations. You'll get to see how Bazel is used across our CI stack and Developer Infrastructure, how it allows for blazing-fast building and what are our next steps in this journey of supporting engineers at Dropbox around the world.

Michał Rokita

FFmpeg + Python

Multimedia processing can be very complex, especially if you want to handle most of the available codecs and formats. Fortunately, we have FFMpeg - a "complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video". It is a great tool, but its CLI is quite complex and hard to master unless you use it on a daily basis. During this talk, you will learn what FFmpeg is and how to use it in Python without hurting yourself.



Zdjecie Alex Pitis

Alex Pitis Strona prelegenta

Seasoned software engineer currently leading Build Toolchains work at Dropbox within the Developer Infrastructure organisation. Before the Dropbox journey, worked with storage systems at Google, built an ML team at Intel, did browser security & exploitation at Microsoft, holder of several CVEs. Privately - interested in human psychology & economics, an avid cyclist, a wanna-be guitarist, and very recently got a lot into playing Bridge.

Zdjecie Michał Rokita

Michał Rokita Strona prelegenta

Michał is a proficient Python developer specialising in web development, mainly in Django and FastAPI web frameworks. He is pursuing a Master's in Computer Science at the Warsaw University of Technology.



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